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Embedding OTF Fonts in Windows Phone 8

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Now I don’t think there is a difference between between TTF and OTF fonts when it comes to Windows Dev. I do how ever think that the way the fonts them selves are set up, are different.

A lot of people as well as my self have had trouble with embedding OTF fonts. The problem ended up being the name of the font inside the font file. The Windows OS font does not show you all of the variations on the name.

How to embed a font you are having trouble with:



MyFontFileNameExtraBold.otf needs to have 2 properties set the “Build Action” which should be resource for WinPhone 8 and the “Copy to Output Directory” which should be Copy if newer. See image bellow.


The font name problem

As you can see in the above FontFamily prams for custom fonts its made up of the path to the font followed by a hash then the font name. Now for some reason it is not the font name that creates the problem. first you need a font viewer that  shows all the names.

I use:

Open up your font in this program. You will see lots of info for the font. In my case I needed to use the “Preferred Family” name to replace the “My Font Name” in the path above. but if that does not work for you try one of the others. See image bellow:


Silverlight Hosting/Streaming Free

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Well Silverlight 3 is here and wow they sure are kicking up fuss at Microsoft. In all fairness the progression made in the span of six to nine months between releases is  truly astounding. They have added an array of features like out of browser support, perspective 3D and graphics card support just to mention some of the headliners.

With every  release of Silverlight I have noticed one relatively unsung hero one could say. Now with H.264 HD video support in SL3 all more need for it. The biggest problem  with video is  the silly amount of money expected for hosting the files and the cost of bandwidth needed for hosting the files. Microsoft saw this problem and resolved it, at the very start of their Silverlight Quest with there FREE Silverlight Live service:

The Silverligh Live service has been around since the beginning it address the biggest issue that people have with Flash video content. Simple premise you host your SL3 files on the live servers and you get 10GB of hosting space. 5TB of bandwidth a month at 1.4 Mb/s per stream. With those kinda numbers you should be more than capable of running a rich with media site built on Silverlight.

Whats odd is since its launch I have heard very little about the site. Wonder if a campain is up and coming?

Silverlight 2.0

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Its finally going to happen Silverlight 2.0 which is the C# flavour of Silverlight is going to be out in non-beta and non-alpha. This means its an official release. With all the bells and whistles it looks like Rich internet apps have a new friend. This year is looking to be a pretty full on with the new Visual Studio(code named ORCAS) out end of 2007 and Silverlight 2.0 to arrive in the next couple of months. Microsoft is looking to have a good 2008.