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vic 20

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Well well well yesterday was a fine day indeed we got a vic 20 in the office. We have decided to make all our flash sites vic 20 compliant now. Due to small pockets of ppl not updating there systems it will soon become our standard. NOOOOT. Any how it’s an amazing nostalgic day around the office. One of my colleges wrote 12 lines of code to get one sound out of the darn thing. Try and get an mp3 into that. Well into the 16k of memory, good luck. After seeing some of the games that took the fancy of youths over 20 years ago and what was required to code back then it really makes me appreciate Nintendo, Sony and Microsofts contributions and OO programming. Saying that I am sure I am going to loose many hours to space invaders on the computer with sound AND music. That’s too wicked. A good day indeed.