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Evolution of Games

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Being the gamer that I am I feel a post on the direction of games might be worth a look. Without a doubt online gaming is where it’s at. You have two easy to see growth industries. Multiplayer which is no longer just for 1 on 1 or the elite geek MMORPGers.
Xbox Live is releasing a premium channel with online game shows which any one can watch or participate in. Is this a possible direction TV might take in the future?

Then we have user generated content like the ever popular Little Big Planet on the PS3. The levels being made by the community are quickly out doing the original levels. Now Microsoft will be stepping in with one of their community games Kodu. A game building game where you build your own world and create your own type of games. Check out what a 12 year old can do with it.