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Well here it is Googles latest attempt  to break into the Social market. Possibly one of the few pieces of the internet Google has not had a successful run at. Google Buzz is completely integrated into you Gmail and accessible via your phone assuming you have an Android 2.0 or iPhone. Other phones promised see the support page here. What sets it apart from facebook […]

Posted February 10, 2010 by abe in Google

Google Chrome OS   2 comments

Anouncment: here So google are looking to notch up there OS. They have a success full Mobile OS and now they have there sites on something greater. Google seems to be after the netbook market. Admittedly the netbook market is a bit on the slow side. Armed with knowledge that netbook users who have suffered […]

Posted July 13, 2009 by abe in Google

Google Desktop on OS X   Leave a comment

I have been using Google Desktop on a PC almost since it was out. It is very fast and beats the nuts of the standard windows XP search. Keeping in mind that you have spotlight why you may ask would u want to use Google desktop. Well speed wise its probably the same it would […]

Posted April 25, 2007 by abe in Google, Mac + OSX