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Cross Platform 3D Web Plugin

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

I don’t often see a web plug-in that impresses me, but this is off the chart. Its got dynamic lighting, textures, networking and every thing else you would expect to find in a games engine. Only its primarily a web plug-in. They seem to have an interest in supporting the Indie games movement so be careful GarageGames.

This is another perfect example of how with greater bandwidth and power applications and games can be just as robust online as offline. Surly this is just one more step towards blurring the lines between online and offline. Like any 3D application/Game there are minimum hardware requirements. It is strange to have a plug-in that obviously wont work on every computer but if you look at it as a game there are loads of games and applications that have astronomical minimum requirements. There’s that line blurring again. Well down load plug-in see what they got on the site: