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Implementing CCCallFunc Cocos2d-X 2.0

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

This is a simple way of implementing CCCallFunc.

ClassA wants to pass a function reference to ClassB.

CCCallFunc calls a function without any parameters. If you want to get the CCObject that called it then use CCCallFuncN and if you want to pass your own data use CCCallFuncND

In ClassB header create a variable to hold the callFunction.

CCCallFunc callFuncHolder;

In ClassB implementation call the passed in function.

void someMethod()
//this calls the passed in method if there is no set method it will not error


In class ClassA implementation.

void init()
ClassB *cb = new ClassB();
cb->callFuncHolder = *CCCallFunc::create(this, callfunc_selector(methodPassed));

//when ClassB is ready it calls methodPassed

//this is the method passed into the CCCallFunc
void methodPassed()
CCLog(“methodPassed call form else where”);

Creating Frame Animation in Cocos2d-X 2.0 Using a Sprite Sheet

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Since the Cocos2d-X 2.0 rc2 a lot of the initialisation has changed so this code works in Cocos2d-X 2.0.

First create a sprite sheet so we can load it in.

Once you have created the Sprite Sheet you will end up with a image file and plist.


I like to name my sprites like this:



It makes creating the animations easier. My code below is depended on the above naming convention.


void creatAnimation()
//load plist and it will load in the png with the same name
//the frames will be stored in the CCSpriteFrameCache so you can get the frames at you leisure

//the frames will be gathered in the animation object
CCAnimation* jumpAnim = animationName(“jumpAnimations”);

//create sprite first frame from animation first frame
CCSprite *jumpSprite = CCSprite::create((CCSpriteFrame*) jumpAnim->getFrames()->objectAtIndex(0));

CCAction *jumpAct = CCRepeatForever::create(jumpAnim);

//this method loops through the CCSpriteFrameCache to get the
CCAnimation *animationName(char const *name)
//creates a temp animation object
CCAnimation* holderAnim = CCAnimation::create();

//variables used for the loop
string fName;
string tName = name;
CCSpriteFrame* pFrame;
int frameCount = 1;

//loops till it can’t find any more frames

//adds the underscore and a zero if the image is less than 10
fName = (frameCount < 10) ? tName + "_0" : tName + "_"; //adds the image number---Utils::num2str() converts an integer to a string fName = fName + Utils::num2str(frameCount); frameCount++; //tries to get the frame //tries to get the frame pFrame = CCSpriteFrameCache::sharedSpriteFrameCache()->spriteFrameByName(fName.c_str());

//adds the frame to the animation holder
if (pFrame)

//continues too loop till the next frame is null
} while(pFrame != NULL);

return holderAnim;


Nexus One 3G bug(O2 UK) and Wifi bug

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

I was totally stocked to get my Nexus One. When I got the N1 though, it did take some doing to get it working. Here are the issues I found and the solutions to the problems. Now you can find these solutions all over the net but I am just centralizing all the solutions please add any others you have found in the comments and I will update the post.

Wifi not getting passed the “Obasdtaining IP” msg and not connecting even though the login details are correct.

Solution A:
This seems to be a temporary issue associated with the specific session of the wireless network. The easiest solution is to reset the router.
No 3G or Edge signal at all(this does not mean flaky this means you never get any signal at all). This happened to me on O2.

Solution A:
Find your Carrier APN(Access Point Name) see O2 details below:

Name: mobile web
Username: web
Password: password
MCC: 234
MNC: 10
APN Type: default

What ever details you dont see above leave blank. The settings in the N1 is Settings>>Wireless & network>>Mobile networks>>Access point names>>menu>>add>>ENTER YOUR APN DETAILS (O2 IS ABOVE )

My 3G signal is poor. I have signal but its not very good.
Solution C:
Final solution from google fixes 3g signal bug and adds multitouch to all apps:

this will be an over the air update at some point.

Solution B:
Settings>>Wireless & Netowrk>> Mobile networks>>Network operators>>Tap Automatically
The bottom of the screen should you should see Registered. Job done you should see improvements immediately.

Solution C:
Dial *#*#4636#*#*>>Phone Information>>Change ‘WCDMA preferred’ to ‘WCDMA only’ at the bottom of the page. WCDMA is 3G so this setting forces it to only use 3G which means when there is no 3G signal u will get no net coverage. When u make the switch and get your strong 3G signal switch it back to ‘WCDMA preferred’ and you should find that your are still on good signal.

Hope that helps.

Stackoverflow Inspiration and Learning Event

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The popular code question and answer site are having a few inspiration and learning events this year. I am keen to see what android and objective-c stuff will be on offer you can get tickets from: