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MacBook Pro & digital symmetry

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Well i went and done it i went out and got a mac. To be honest a mac in and of its self does not come close to fully satisfying my digital requirements, but BootCamp brings it closer. Parallels with BootCamp makes it worth having. Being able to run use windows completely independently of OSX. This means you can run DirectX, games and highly graphicy programs. Plus Parallels using coherence allows the user to run that same instance of windows simultaneously over basically it means u can run windows over OSX. I have it setup so I my windows start bar is on the left and my OSX doc is the left. This means I can run Visual Studio & Blend in Windows wile also running Xcode in OSX.

Now I know a lot of ppl run there mac at the office and at home. Now if u take your mac to the office you have that issue of having to use multiple computers including your mac. Now if ur mac is on a network there is a wonderful app called synergy which allows u to share your keyboard and mouse across the network. So u can use one keyboard and mouse to control as many computers as u want. The beauty of it is that it is platform independent. So one computer can run windows the other can run OSX and a third can run Linux. They will all share the same keyboard and mouse. What a set up works like a dream.

Now that’s what I call digital symmetry.


google code search

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Well as useful as the Google code search is Google simply have not taken the ActionScript community into consideration. U can not simply search for actionscript + a key word which u could do with other languages. There is still hope for all the Google junky flash developers. Cause u can search for file types ‘.as’ basically. I put a request in to recognize ActionScript as a language.