Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Despite this being my first post on Papervision3D I have been following its evolution quite closely for the past few months and it is shaping up to be one hell of a 3d engine. Now you can have one of the most complex models but with out a good set of textures/materials its going to look pretty poor. On the same note if you have a really low poly count with really good textures/materials it can look amazing. As it turns out they have just added another shader to Papervision3D Cellshader which I totally had not anticipated or expected so thumbs up to the Papervision3D team once again. 🙂

Also we need to keep in mind that Apollo will very likey come up with some invative soltions in utalising Papervision3D as it grows.

Cellshader Example

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