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Monday, July 13th, 2009

Anouncment: here

So google are looking to notch up there OS. They have a success full Mobile OS and now they have there sites on something greater.

Google seems to be after the netbook market. Admittedly the netbook market is a bit on the slow side. Armed with knowledge that netbook users who have suffered to date with painfully slow experiences, Google are going to cut down Linux to a insta boot browser.

It is all well and good for the on the go surfer. Let’s hope they have not forgot that geeks also like to buy netbooks. With that in mind lets see if google let you have access to the main App repo and let us put back some of the things they would have removed to speed it up.

Don’t forget the new Nvidia Ion chips. They will bring netbooks on par with some laptops. Linux as a base OS is great because it lets the Geek in side some off us out. Lets hope google does not lock us in.

2 comments on “Google Chrome OS

  1. Really looking forward or waiting for this Open Source OS by Google. I hope it will compete Linux and Windows

  2. abe says:

    me too…as far as netbooks go it will be king…but it is technicaly a linux distro….from what i have read they have built the Google OS on a Linux kernel…this to me is a good thing which means alot of programs must already exist fot the os already

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