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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Well here it is Googles latest attempt  to break into the Social market. Possibly one of the few pieces of the internet Google has not had a successful run at. Google Buzz is completely integrated into you Gmail and accessible via your phone assuming you have an Android 2.0 or iPhone. Other phones promised see the support page here.

What sets it apart from facebook and twitter?  Well it supports in-line content like video and images unlike twitter which relays on third parties. Facebook is User/social group centric where Buzz is location centric. Now you can Buzz into the Buzz sphere or keep it private, to you close friends so its smiler to Twitter from that respect.

The first thing that gets me is the fact that I can press the nearby button or enable it on Google maps and just see where the buzz is. I can see the security issues with it though. By the end of the day every site with a security team will have at least one article that outlines the security risks of sharing your Geo-coordinates. The most practical thing about it though is that it propagates your public feeds from your current social network sites.

At the end of the day it don’t matter what they say what matters is user base. With access to your entire email contacts list any one to give it a try will instantly know who else is giving it a try. So what will the word of the people be?   Buzz or not to Buzz?

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